Spring Newsletter April 2017 April 6, 2017 12:04

Welcome to our latest Spring Newsletter and first official blog post! 
Here you can find out what we have been up to, new products, herbal wisdoms, recipes and more! 


Sea Kelp Moisturizing Detox Scrub
Lavender & Seaweed Purifying Body Mask
Why is Seaweed so great?

Kelp is a form of Seaweed, more specifically part of the brown algae family. 

Its nutritional power is almost unmatched which has resulted in its nickname “the miracle plant”. It is an ideal source of trace minerals, protein, iodine, iron, vitamin A, Niacin and calcium. Kelp can rid the body of toxins and increase metabolism! Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it? Due to its beautiful effect on the body we use Kelp as one of our many nutrient packed herbs in our “Nutri-Caps”, intended to help grow healthy nails, hair and skin.

However, Kelp can do just as many wonders topically! Kelp can easily penetrate skin to remove toxins and soothe the body. It is great for ailments from acne to anti-aging. This is because the minerals and antioxidants in kelp are very moisturizing to the skin and helps the skin to retain the moisture. It is also anti-inflammatory and exfoliating, which is why we thought it would be the perfect ingredient in our new Detoxing Scrub and Seaweed Body Mask! 

 We hope you fall in love with this beautiful seaweed as much as we have!

 Good Morning & Relax Flower Shower Tablets

These cute flower tablets sit on the bottom of your shower and create a wonderful aroma with different blends of essential oils. Use "Good Morning" tablets to energize and wake up the senses! or "Relax" to de-stress and calm the body.

 Other Great Products For Spring!

Spring Tonic Tea

Wild Weeds Detox Tea

Spring Tonic Vinegar

Detox Compound


Look forward to:

All-Natural House Cleaning Products in time for Spring Cleaning! 

 Cold Drinks from Lavender Moon Café!


Wonderful Weeds

By Angela Tiberio

Spring has arrived and so have many of the wonderful, yes wonderful weeds that flourish this time of year! Early springtime wild weeds provide us with nutritional foods as well as cleansing and rejuvenating herbal tonics. Although our cultivated greens will not be ready for a couple of more months, we can find nettles, dandelions, lamb quarters, chickweed and more, growing abundantly in our fields here at Lavender Moon Herb Gardens. We are out harvesting these vital, medicinal, edible roots and greens that are so welcome after a long winter! Harvesting weeds for food and medicine has so many benefits. It is cost effective, reconnects us to nature and provides us with tremendous nutrition. Most wild weeds are far superior in vitamins and minerals than their cultivated cousins.

When harvesting plants from the wild, stay away from busy roads (gas fumes) or fields that may be sprayed with chemical fertilizers or weed killers, and of course, be sure to know what you are picking. As crazy as it seems, I recommend that people plant some of these weeds in their garden so they know what they’re harvesting until they become very familiar with the plants. Although there are several good books written on plant identification, you’ll learn more in an afternoon on a lively herb walk then you will from reading books. Hope you will join us on one of our upcoming herb walks at Lavender Moon Herb Gardens!


April 22nd 10AM-4PM

Free Lecture @ 1:30PM

Join us at Lavender Moon Herb Gardens for a free, informative lecture on a variety of herbal products including teas, tinctures, herbal skin care, seasonal cleansing, spring tonics and more! Free herbal tea tasting, herbal foods prepared with our own gourmet “Lavender Moon Herb Gardens” culinary blends. Raffles & herbal product raffle giveaway with purchase. Free admission. In honor of Earth Day, a percentage of all purchases will be donated to the United Plant Savers of America! Read more about UPS here:

Pre-registration required for lecture. First 10 registered attendees receive free herbal gift. Call us at 585-624-4220 or email Angela at


Saturday May 13th 3pm-5pm

Join us at Lavender Moon Herb Gardens to walk through the fields as we discuss how to gather, prepare and use the wild weeds of spring for food and medicine. Herbs such as dandelion, burdock, yellow dock, chickweed, nettles and more! After the walk, join us in the shop and enjoy gourmet samples of Angela’s favorite wild foods including Nettle Soufflé, Dandelion sauté and more. Book lists for further information & recipes will be provided.

Call us at 585-624-4220 or email Angela at